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What are arcade slots?

Originally based on the traditional arcade games, arcade slots that are found within a casinos online games suite have managed to combine an old-school feel of arcade games with exciting and rewarding casino elements to create an additional element of fun when playing online. 

How do I play arcade slots?

Unlike typical slot games, the objective of arcade slots is usually entrenched the game’s overall theme.

Another difference with arcade slots is that there are no reels in the game. 

Instead the game requires you to use the keyboard and other buttons to manoeuvre as you complete the game’s requirement successfully in order to win

Try these exciting arcade online slots:


Another popular arcade game is Germinator which is played by matching three or more germ symbols. Your wins are then calculated according to the value that the various germs symbols have and these results are multiplied according to the bet you place per line. This lighthearted arcade slot is ideal if you are a new player as it is easy to understand and play and can provide hours of captivating entertainment.

Get ready for some Arcade games fun!