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Why should I play video slots?

One could easily argue that video slots are ranked as most players favourite form of casino slots. These enticing games are usually based on movies, television programmes or topical issues which has added to the game’s appeal. Some video slots also provide screenshots of the movie or programme while you are playing the actual game, making the experience even more enjoyable. These exciting slots sometimes also feature symbols from these movies which are often linked to bonus features in the game.

These subtle differences have enhanced the online gaming experience and can make the game even more appealing for you when playing online.

How do I play video slots?

The objective of video slots is to match the symbols in the game once the slot stops spinning. 

  • Your winnings are also determined by the bet that you have placed. 
  • Video slots often have Scatter, Wild and Multiplier symbols that, and if you receive a certain number of these symbols on the reels while playing you could easily unlock a bonus feature. 
  • These symbols can also be used to substitute for other game symbols with the opportunity to potentially increase your winnings depending on the symbols that land on your reels when playing.

What bonus features can I find in video slots?

Online video slots have numerous bonus features making them even more rewarding for you to play. The most common bonus feature found in video slots are Free Spins, which can allow you to spin for free and possibly win if you land successfully on the reels. Other bonus features include bonus rounds which is interwoven within the game’s central theme. These bonus rounds usually provide you with the opportunity to increase your current cash level by playing a secondary game within the game.

Just some popular video slots you can play: 

  • Thunderstruck II 
  • Tomb Raider™ 
  • Game of Thrones™ online slot 
  • Jurassic Park™ online slot

Picking the right video slot

Because there is such a wide variety of video slots to choose from when you play online, choosing a game can be daunting. These features can make your experience more rewarding so it is worth investigating and selecting this type of game before you decide to play. 

Where do video slots come from?

Video slots originated from traditional reel slots. Although at first players were reluctant to try out these slots which did not offer the classic spinning reels, there was a gradual change and acceptance to playing video slots.

With poker making the transition to video poker games, this further reinforced the credibility of video slots and boosted the game’s overall popularity. Today, video slots have firmly captured a significant portion of the online casino gaming market. With continuous technology upgrades, video slots have evolved and continue to change offering you a more enhanced experience with every new video slot game released.

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