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What are reel slots?

Reel slots are the first traditional form of slots and were first seen at land based casinos. They were also known as one-arm bandits because of their game levers placed on the side. In these older games you could instantly turn the reels with a quick use of the lever, as an online player now you can easily achieve this with a quick click of a button. Typically reel slots have three reels within the game and those that offer five reels are therefore referred to as five reel slots. These slots are easily identifiable from other online slot games because of the typical cherry, number seven logos and bar images that are found in the game.

Once you have activated the reels they start spinning and will then randomly stop. You will receive a payout depending on the symbols that are found on the reels once they have stopped spinning. Your payout is also dependent on the amount that you have placed as a bet. These reel slots are incredibly easy to play and offer incredible rewards if you are successful in your game. On average these reel slots usually offer players 20 paylines.


Reel slots originally featured three reels in them when they were first introduced to the public in 1800’s. They became a huge hit with players and led to further developments in order to keep up with demand for these new casino games. 

This led to the introduction of five reel slots which gave players the opportunity to match five of the same symbols in three reels slots.



Even though these casino games are much older than the other games like video slots, they still remain hugely popular with players. The appeal of reel slots is based on a variety of reasons: 

  • The simplistic nature and objective of reel slots add to the game’s charm. 
  • Online reel slots also offer players a genuine opportunity to win at a casino without any frills or fuss making them almost feel like an authentic casino game compared to the newer and flashier casino games that are currently available. 
  • Although the lever has since been replaced in reel slots since it evolved to online reel slots, these games have still managed to maintain their retro feel and look with their iconic game symbols. 
  • This traditional look is another aspect which has steadily increased their fan base. 


The game’s objective remains the same across all reel slots making these games ideal to play on if you are a first time player. The amount that you could possible win depends on the paylines that you select to play on. Reel slots are also purely dependent on luck and use Random Number Generators (RNG’s) to stop the reels and determine the final outcome. 

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